What to expect at…Jake Mason’s workshop



What’s the best way to get down to work with a limited timeframe (3 hours)?

Make every moment count and have a fun. I always get the most done when I’m having fun!

What can attendees expect from your workshop?

I’m keen to let the group lead the way on what we cover but plan to chat about:

– My method and workflow
– The art of the demo
– The importance of melody and harmony in songwriting.

I will also bringing in several of my songs deconstructed with early demos to full finished releases.

Depending on time limitations I’m super keen for a few participants to bring in songs to share and chat about.

What is a viewpoint or philosophy on songwriting that you will touch upon?

I like to think of the art of songwriting as an almost mystical adventure, you never quite know how it happens, how you start and when you finish. You can have all the rules and regulations buts its the magic moments that you can’t put your finger on that become the song.

Will you be bringing any special gear, software, or songwriting ‘tools’?

Sure, I’ll bring in a few bits of gear that I use for songwriting, demoing and recording and how I use it.

What do you hope to learn from the participants in your workshop?

I hope they will challenge me and I want be inspired from the comments and discussions.
I also hope to meet new friends and potential collaborators.

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