What to expect at…Olympia’s songwriting workshop



What is special about a workshop setting for a group of songwriters?

I think the most important thing for any artist is to seek challenges for yourself and your practise. If you’re able to remain open to different ways of doing and learning, this will feed your development as a songwriter – and what better way than a workshop?

Songwriting workshops also present the opportunity to meet like-minded artists who you could work with/create a support network with. Music is highly collaborative, and also requires so many different roles/talents- the more you connect with people, the better.

Will you focus on a certain style of writing/producing for the workshop?

I’ll be exploring process-driven songwriting.

I like to deep dive on ideas/concepts and have them lead the work, instead of say, knowing exactly what the outcome I want is (Country and Western love song in E at 126 BPM – maybe contrary terms but you get the picture).

I believe in albums, and aim to create little worlds with each LP. You want the audience to be able to step into your work like it’s an atmosphere from start to finish. Writing in a process-driven way (sort of more how visual artists work rather than traditional songwriters) is my way of trying to get to this new atmosphere. Ideas (diary scrawls, research, visual imagery) flow through a whole project; from choices of instrumentation, language tone, presentation of the work (both visually and production).

Of course, I’m also happy to take any questions from anyone about any type of songwriting in addition

What can a room full of up-and-coming songwriters expect from your workshop?

I’ll provide some insight into how I’ve developed albums, and also will be open to look at anyone’s ideas/finished songs through this lens to help them think deeper, or stranger, at their work.

Why should a songwriter who has never been to a workshop before give it a try?

Your work is about growth and sometimes you need to throw yourself into these experiences to uncover/discover new ideas or ways of working.

This will be a supportive environment, where songwriters can ask whatever they want, feel safe to share their own ideas.

What do you hope to learn from the participants in your workshop?

Another way to approach their writing; how to maintain motivation; new people to potentially collaborate with – and most of all that they feel energised and inspired.

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