What to expect at…Dallas Frasca’s workshop



Dallas Frasca is the frontwoman of the three-piece band of the same name, and she’ll be leading a workshop with a focus on songwriting for rock. We asked her a few questions about what participants can expect…

How will you start off the workshop?

I’m so looking forward to sharing my connection to song and talking about where it started for me; some common themes that still flow through my songwriting now from when I was a kid and topics I often write about. I’ll kick off the workshop with an informal introduction and a ‘get to know’ session on why people have come along, so I can gauge where people are at. It will be a great opportunity for songwriters to discuss their own songwriting tips plus any challenges or obstacles they are currently facing.

Are there key areas of songwriting you will focus on?

I will definitely let participants guide that on the day but here a few topics I’d like to cover:

  • My songwriting process
  • Breaking down one of my songs and how I put it together
  • Figuring out what to write about
  • How to get started
  • Staying motivated
  • Collaboration
  • Coming up with the music
  • Coming up with the lyrics
  • Inspiration
  • Improvisation to find ideas
  • Writer’s Block

A lot of songwriting is self-taught, how does a workshop complement what someone might be doing on their own time?

Totally true, I am self-taught and believe that a lot of the time we are hit by a lightening bolt, channeled by the unknown and often driven by sub-conscious thoughts. I often use the process for self-expression and therapy yet songwriting can be such a mystery and there is no ‘one formula’ to write a ‘good’ song as otherwise we’d all be writing hits, yeah? So in saying that I suppose I feel workshops are a killer place for inspiration, learning a bunch of new tricks and to know that you’re not alone in this.

You have recently promoted your own festival A Hitch To The Sticks. What lessons from that venture will you bring into the workshop?

Yes, A Hitch To The Sticks went off with a bang! It’s a world-first of it’s kind, where myself (and business partner Renee Delahunty) take the audience on the road with us across 10 events over one weekend. I’m originally from North East Victoria, so it was amazing to put on the shows across the region and also book local artists! We had almost 5000 people attend the 10 events, so I suppose my understanding of the importance of music is that if we: support, nurture and develop our up-and-coming artists, then they will be our draw cards to bring the wider communities together —  and how awesome is that?!

What do you hope to learn from the participants in your workshop?

A tonne of new tools and to be inspired.