What to expect at…Ryan Riback’s workshop



The workshop component of The Melbourne Sessions is at the heart of the day, where small groups with a shared genre focus can exchange ideas, feedback and practical techniques on their craft. At the helm is a practicing songwriter, composer or producer who will guide the group.

What can you expect at this three-hour segment? We asked Ryan Riback, renowned producer, remixer, songwriter, artist, collaborator – and first-time speaker at The Melbourne Sessions – to give a glimpse into what he has planned.

Q: What are a couple of key elements of producing that you will discuss in your workshop

A: Remixing is a really interesting and unique side of music production because you’re taking a piece of music and re-imagining it. I have a pretty specific way of going about the remix process so I will be breaking down that strategy in the class. I’ll also go over some production notes and tricks I’ve learned about production in general through working alone, collaborating and starting from scratch in writing sessions.

Q: Should participants at your workshop prepare at all? Or maybe not at all?

A: Maybe have them bring something they’ve finished on their laptop / USB and if there’s time I can do a little listening session?

Q: You have produced and remixed releases across house music, dance, EDM and pop. Will you focus on a genre for The Melbourne Sessions, or is it all related?  

A: While I have dabbled in a few genres, my favorite place to exist is within the dance/pop space.

Q: What did you wish someone told you when you were starting out producing tracks and making remixes?

A: I wish someone told me about the business side and how to network better earlier on… something I had to learn through trial and error.

Q: What do you hope to learn from the participants in your workshop?

The way to grow in music is by collaborating with other musicians, songwriters and producers because it opens you up to ideas you may never have come up with on your own. Everyone thinks differently, writes differently and plays differently and the combination of all those differences can create magic!

I’m excited to share some of what I’ve learned with everyone in my workshop but I’m more excited to hear what they’re working on, what they’re loving right now, what their thoughts and favorites styles are. It’s going to be a fun workshop!!