Screen composers, let’s get together



The Melbourne Sessions is not just about the fine art of the three minute pop song. We have a specialised program for screen composers, because we are in the midst of a content boom and it will all need a score, a cue, or a bit of mood music.

Whether it is for the jumbo screen at the multiplex or games on an Apple Watch, The Melbourne Sessions will host programs for composers who are pursuing a career in screen music. Legendary screen composer Cezary Skubiszewski will lead a 90 minute masterclass, where participants can ask the man who wrote music for beloved films  Red Dog, The Sapphires, and the new Picnic at Hanging Rock (and many more) about his career, his technique, his process and more.

Games virtuoso Jared Underwood (Batterie) is also leading a masterclass focusing on how to collaborate with developers and apply your musical ideas to the innovative genre. Find out what he has planned for his session.

In small group workshop sessions, participants will have 3.5 hours to delve into ideas and get up close with composers Bryony Marks, Miriama Young and Greg Walker.

And The Melbourne Sessions is also about connecting, so it is a great chance to meet like-minded composers who are making inroads in the industry. Because when you have Netflix announcing it is commissioning 700 new shows in the next year, well, that means it’s probably not such a bad time to get serious about your screen composing.