After cutting his teeth with the indie-rock outfit Dukes Of Windsor (2005-2010), Oscar moved to Berlin in 2011. Whilst there, he began writing with singer/songwriter Timothy Carroll. The songs they developed eventually became the first album by HOLY HOLY, When The Storms Would Come. Their sophomore record, PAINT, was released in early 2017, and entered the Australian album charts at #7.

During this time, Oscar collaborated with the singer/songwriter Ali Barter. The pair released two EPs independently through 2014 and 2015, before writing and producing Barter’s debut album A Suitable Girl. Oscar works closely with  Melbourne songwriter Alex Lahey. Oscar produced the sixth album from Melbourne rock-act British India, Forgetting The Future, and wrote/produced the debut record from troubadour Ben Wright Smith, The Great Divorce.

He continues to write and produce with artists throughout Australia, whilst taking time off occasionally – to play his guitar.

EVENT: Songwriting Workshop with Oscar Dawson