Melbourne rapper, writer, spoken word artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer Joelistics is recognised as a unique voice in the Australian music scene, with a gift of crafting common language into evocative turns of phrase.

In 2002 he founded seminal alt-rap group TZU alongside Countbounce, Yeroc and Pasobionic, releasing three albums, Position Correction (2004), Smiling At Strangers (2005) and Millions of Moments (2012). Along the way they picked up nominations for the Australian Music Prize, J Award and an APRA Music Award.

Joelistics’ 2011 debut album Voyager was written with just a laptop between China, Mongolia and Europe, and it opened a new lane in hip-hop.

His solo songwriting navigates the ambiguous spaces between heated polemic, sweet serenade and psychedelic meanderings without the audience ever losing a sense of who they are listening to.

It is a rare gift, and one that is flawlessly translated in to his live performances. As a musician, he has never been content to stand still and his music communicates a restless spirit, shifting seamlessly between moods, forms and genres, always in search of something intangible, but ultimately meaningful.

EVENT: Songwriting Workshop with Joelistics